13th Dec, 18

Winter Skin Care Tips

The cold season can wreak havoc on our completions. Extreme cold weather and central heating can leave our skin feeling dry, tight and uncomfortable.

Cold temperatures partly solidify lipids (fats) in our skin and low humidity extracts moisture from the top layers spelling trouble for a merry skinmas.


I have some tips and winter tricks up my sleeve to share with you to give you the upper hand on jack frost.


Don’t stop using an SPF.

Its called Sun Protection Factor - but really we should refer to it as daylight protection factor. The suns rays will still be ageing us and damaging our skin even though we think its not strong enough during winter to be stressing to our skin but! UVA rays - the ones that age us are present in the same levels as they are in summer - unlike UVB rays which are the ones that do flucuate summer/ winter dependent and are the rays reponsible for burning. So choose a broad spectrum sunscreen. AlumierMDs clear sheild SPF also has niacinamide in it which is great for helping the skins barrier which can also become damaged during the winter months.


Step up your exfoliation

Your skin has its own natural exfoliation process whereby natural enzymes eat away at the dead skin on the surface. Skin can become damaged, dry and flakey in the extreme temperatures which means these enzymes dont have the right conditions to function as well as they could - which - means a further build up of dry and flakey skin :( So step up your exfoliating game. I'm not a fan of scrub exfoliants for the face anyway - no matter what time of year it is - they can sometimes do more damage than good and dont always give the best result for the effort. Chemical exfoliants are my go to for exfoliation as they are much gentler on the skin and much more effective! - provided they are used in the right way ;) You can use use nature to its full skin potetial and use an enzyme masks, usually fruit acid based and are great for gently removing any dry flakey skin - some of them can be quite potent though so test patch first - Make a treat of it and use your enzyme mask and follow up with a hydrating hyaluronic acid sheet mask - glass of wine optional ;) I also love lactic acid for exfoliating as its a water soluble acid so also offers hydration to the skin too! win win! 


Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is an absolute powerhouse of a vitamin. Its no old wives tale that it can help support the immune system, so keep yourself healthy on the inside and it will definitely show on the outside. This anti-oxidant effect will also give huge benefits to winter stressed skin, when applied topically. Not only is Vitamin C antioxidant but its also anti-inflammatory and so fabulous for combating redness and sensitivity.


Don’t believe you need to start using a heavy moisturiser

Your skin will moisturise itself! The top layer of skin will communicate to the lower layer of skin how its doing up top. If your skin is covered in a thick layer of cream it will think its got its barrier function covered. This makes your skin lazy as it then wont think it needs to do anything to help itself. Instead keep to lighter serums and moisturisers that contain hyaluronic acid that will help the skin to retain moisture and give THAT GLOW!

Using products containing niacinamide or B vitamins will help improve the skins barrier functioning and prevent water loss and also helps soothe any winter blemishes.


Use the winter to your advantage!

Professional treatments such as chemical peels, IPL, Microneedling can still be performed in the summer months but can be difficult as some sun avoidance is necessary to reduce the risk of treatment complications making the dark winter the perfect time to start getting on your summer glow. Performing these treatments in winter also means your getting some professional help for your skin during the time its needed most, when the extreme temperatures are causing dryness and irritation.


Never skip your night time routine!

Skipping your night routine means youve missed a vital opportuntity to apply products to soothe and heal winter skin  AND sleeping in makeup or letting the days activities sit on your skin during the night can hinder the skins regeneration process that it likes to do at night time.


Don't forget your lips

Lips also suffer at the hands of the extreme temeratures and lack of moisture in the air. make it part of your night routine to exfoliate the lips and apply a soothing lip balm. And always keep a lip balm handy wherever you are for on the go lip protection.


Keep SAD at bay

Without as much daylight during the winter months we can feel drained of energy, sad and unmotivated. Get regular exercise, keep up the water intake, maintain a healthy diet, get outside as much as you can - wearing your SPF of course!!