10th Apr, 19

Beware the BB Glow!!

This latest beauty trend promises you all the skin goals – but look to the true safe, responsible skin experts and we will tell you it’s a bad idea

- terrible in fact. You will find every reputable skin specialist that truly has your skins best interest at heart will be avoiding!


So what is it?

The treatment recently made its way over to the UK from Korea – its advertised as a semi-permanent ‘make up’ for skin – skin coloured pigments are needled in to the skin to cover and blur imperfections, resulting in a perfectly even complexion. With the temptation of waking up every morning without the need to apply foundation ever again,  well for at least a few months and the addition of collagen stimulating benefits – it’s no surprise this seemingly wonder treatment has taken off.


So what’s the danger?

Microneedling ingredients in to the skin has been a well tolerated practice for a number of years and is relatively safe when carried out by experienced professionals.  The risk is imposed with BB glow due to its type and number of ingredients. Creams and serums used with microneedling should be few and simple, biodegradable, or are diluted, carried away and excreted and used to enhance skin cells function. BB glow creams needled in to the skin contain over 40 ingredients and are not biodegradable, they are designed to stay within the skin to give its lasting foundation effect and these ingredients accumulate over time, which poses a risk of an immunological response where the skin reacts – this may appear as dermatitis, so redness, swollen and irritated skin.

BB glow contains multiple ingredients known to cause an allergic reaction and dermatitis. The reaction can be delayed or not visible to the naked eye and could take years to show up, as for example as bad as cancer - the oxides in these BB glow creams cause oxidative stress to the skin cell resulting in DNA damage and cell death. Reactions can also include granulomas which is a type of scarring where the body tries to ‘wall off’ foreign material that it is unable to degrade and excrete.

Also the treatment is so new and as yet not approved by drug authorities – it takes extensive research to approve such a product – which this treatment just does not yet have.

Furthermore the oxides in these BB glow creams are not compatible with MRI scanners and there are potential for burns, if a scan is performed over the treated area – many people having had the BB glow treatment do not know this treatment poses a risk if having to have a scan performed. Even more dangerously this treatment is not widely known in the medical professional so the question as to whether you’ve had this treatment, to know of the dangers may be overlooked.


OK – so that’s worse case scenario – I’m willing to take the risk….

Even without the dangers mentioned above – your skin will not accept the pigment or ‘grow out’ evenly and consistently – I’ve heard many a report of patchy pigment and patchy reddened skin. This means you will have to keep up with the treatment and have them regularly to maintain an even complexion. This poses more danger for accumulation of the product in to the skin - Yes you may have been fine on your first treatment but remember it's the accumulation of these ingredients that pose a greater danger of reactions, granulomas, cancers and dermatitis. And ask yourself what would you do if the colour doesn’t quite match? 


But if pigment can be used for other semi-permanent make up such as brows, lips and eyeliners what’s the difference with BB glow? 

It’s to do with the quantity deposited – The quantity of non-biodegradable material deposited over the entire face is significantly more than that more these small areas. Also, the number of ingredients used for brows, eyes and lips is usually in single digits as opposed to the over 40 ingredients used in BB glow.


Final thoughts

I’m guessing the very reason you want to have the BB glow treatment done would be to cover uneven skin tone, blemishes and redness. If you have blemishes and redness its likely that your skins barrier is compromised meaning its already not functioning as it should and crying out for love. Infusing known allergens in to this type of skin spells trouble to me. You can’t just infuse anything and everything in to the skin – remember its primary function is to protect! Anything in there it doesn’t like and it will try to remove with an immunological response. Once those ingredients are in the skin – there’s nothing any further treatment can do to help remove them – your skin is on its own. Please think twice - if you end up suffering the consequences of this treatment I'm pretty sure if you end up having to seek advice from a skin professional or medical professional for any repercussions theres going to be little that can be done unfortunately - remember those ingredients are in the skin - for good. 

My philosophy is work with the skin – not against it. Microneedling yields amazing results with the right ingredients. Do your skin a favour and skip the BB glow and you will get your glowing skin in a much healthier long lasting way.