9th Sep, 19

How I got in to aesthetics and why I created a skin focused clinic

How my skin clinic came to be......


I actually started my aesthetics journey when I was seeking out treatments for myself!


I had gotten to the age of 31 and just felt I was looking tired and no longer enjoyed what I saw in the mirror. I was getting more and more pimples and applying heavier and heavier makeup year on year and having never really treated myself to anything like that I figured it was about time I did something serious about it.


I had heard about the magical powers of botox and so set about seeking out where I could get such a treatment and where. On looking I saw many doctors and nurses just like me carrying out this treatment right across the borough. So then my thoughts became - ‘well that could be me! I could do my own botox then!’ hahahaha


So I did make it me - I completed my toxin training and little did I realise at this point the fire that I had lit in my belly. I still wasn't entirely happy after my botox - yes I had eased the wrinkles but I still felt like my skin looked dull, tired felt rough and was still suffering breakouts over 30 with the scars to prove! But alas!! Suddenly after completing my toxin training I was open to the vast world of medical aesthetics companies offering light therapies, chemical peels, micro needling and medical grade skincare all in the name of improving skin.


This was the real light bulb moment for me as this is what Id been searching for all along for me! for my skin!

For so long I had looked to the beauty industry to help me get the glowing skin I seeked so desperately - trawling the internet and reading hundreds of beauty blogs and then subsequently spending hours in boots looking at skin care products based on that advice.I had never up until this point looked to the medical industry!!! I know - Im a nurse! embarrassing because I actually fully understand what an incredibly complex organ the skin is.


So discovering these high grade chemical peels, needling devices and skincare I was soooooooo excited!! I trained, tried and tested the lot and I felt amazing. 


I also saw that these treatments were suitable for reducing issues like more severe acne, rosacea and pigmentation primarily - so I just saw a massive opportunity to be able to help people with problematic skin and really put a medical touch to a skin clinic with my medical background.  This really excited me as I had seen first hand the problems people were facing with their skin and I could see how much of a difference I could make with these medical grade treatments.


So it was really from this point on I made it my mission to create a skin clinic with not only to treat skin but to also educate about the skin, empower and coach people back to feeling confident in their skin again. I understand not one size fits all and glowing skin is a journey - not a destination - and im with you every step of the way - its such a privilege to be trusted with peoples skin and a responsibility I do not take lightly.


I really wanted to become the help that I had needed all that time ago when I wanted to improve my skin. Someone to assess my skin, educate and enlighten, get me using products and having treatments that actually worked and changed my skin for the better, someone to coach me with my at home skin regime - a skin friend! I needed a skin friend, and thats what I will do for you - no more wasting money on products that don't work or you don't even need, working together to formulate a plan and get you those skin goals you always dreamed of, offering medical grade skin treatments to improve skin skin health, coaching on how to incorporate high strength ingredients in to your regime because some of them are pretty potent! I’m always on hand for my patients - like a true friend would be :)